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October 6, 2019

A brief extract from Business Leaders magazine (03/2019) about e-commerce in Czech Republic and other online resources I came across while doing the research. 

Available solutions / options on the market:

!Note! Out of box is sometimes sold as “custom solution” to customers surprise. 

source: https://exec.shopsys.cz/vyzkum#
Note: e-commerce solution delivery time (excludes negotiation)

Czech e-commerce is primarily driven by custom solutions provided by agencies!

New functions (dark purple) vs corrections (light purple)

Extract from shoptet e-commerce feedback (common problems):

  1. welcome banner with discount = not welcomed, should be used for regular customers (new customers has not developed trust yet and wants to know the site/products better), potentially slowing down page load, should be used elsewhere
  2. registration process, if possible allow no registration and get the details later
  3. company info = business address, if missing the trust lowers customers interest, similarly contact section having only a form with no info of the recipient or who do you deal with can become a problem = loss of business
  4. too many categories with a few products = too many clicks
  5. returns of product = customer comes always first, even if they don’t read the condition of sale, find a way to make them happy = negative review means loss of business; be upfront with conditions and do not hide them in terms and condition section made by lawyer 
  6. Products in stock = must be in stock, be carefull with marketing where you state you have it in stock. If not in stock, offer alternative product. Try to provide as accurate data as possible. “Unknown” = not good. 
  7. Late delivery = customers not picking up products, negative review
  8. Communication = late reply means no business, no feedback means no possitive reviews too, Order updates must be sent regularly and checked – otherwise again = loss of business. Be available where you are mostly active, customers automatically expect your presence there. Feedback from multiple sources / heureka, product review, and make sure you respond to most of the customers (most importantly those with negative feedback). Build on relationship with those that give positive feedback – little perks, bonuses etc.
Payment types: customers preference for the payment method in Czech Rep?
Pay on delivery = 34% | Pay in person/pickup = 22%
Bank Transfer = 34% | Online payment = 10%
Delivery method – usage in % by e-commerce businesses.

Price comparison sites and their popularity/usage (source):

source: https://www.ceska-ecommerce.cz/

Reasons for shopping online (source):

Reasons customers fear the most (source):

Devices used for shopping online (source):

2018 e-commerce market dominance in Czech (source):

Helpful links for understanding the process and comparing solutions:

Common obstacles: 

Case study (BIOOO.cz)

  1. promoting healthy lifestyle
  2. supporting sustainability by making clear choices 
  3. openness – product content is exposed – open discussion and testing
  4. branding – creating community “#BiOOOcz” – “O” is pushed everywhere and clearly stands 
  5. multi-channel strategy (see comparison omni vs multi) – real people behind the business, community driven engagements
  6. target audience varies – not strict to vegan/vegetarians but open to other healthy conscious people

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Future forecast:

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