Go with a flow to Byron Bay

February 10, 2015

I decided to take a bit of holiday and explore more of my surrounding. Lots of my friends told me how beautiful Byron Bay is and such a good vibes this area has. Well, I’ve been there once for short visit, ticking off my list Lighthouse’s visit and the most easterly point of Australia in 2012. This was on my road trip through East Coast of Australia and I did not really had that super awesome feeling, that people are constantly referring to. So I decided to go there again, plan as little as possible and go with a flow.

I was amazed.

Firstly, I visited Nimbin, where I really enjoyed those little hippie shops and art crafts. There was a portable library, made of huge truck and I also learned a bit of solar panel systems – supporting alternative source of energy. I went to visit nearby waterfalls, which were looking great from top, but what I’ve seen from underneath was just magnificent. In the middle of jungle, feeling like in Amazonian tropical forest, which you see only in movies, I climbed few rocks to get to the waterfalls. All of a sudden, the view that just opened in front of me, mad me speechless. Massive white streams of water falling of the cliff from more than 100 metres, dropping into little lake, surrounded with massive stones, coloured rocks and green plants and palms all around. All I could say was: ,,Wow”. It was breath taking experience.

PICTURE of waterfalls

My journey continued to Byron Bay, paradise for surfers, dolphins, sharks ?and travellers that want to get into nice vibes, good food and adventure. As much as this area was full of tourists, mainly young European backpackers, I still had a feeling that I am at?really chilled place, where the time goes slower. Beautiful beach with waves spreading all along the cost, hundreds of surfers, bars and restaurants. I took my surf board and went to have some fun. Just amazing.

Few walks around, beautiful food at Orgasmic Falafel and there is a hippie van with three DJs on top. People around lighten up with three different colour, creation funny motions, you could not really identify. It was silent party. Music transmitted via WiFi on three channels, allowing you to chose your preferred genre and jump on the beach, park or anywhere near as much as you feel. ID as bond, voluntary fee at return, stars above and chilled ocean, what more you need. Unforgeable unique experience.

On the way back another surprise was waiting at Tweed Heads, where I could jump into natural rock pools, facing the open ocean and strong big waves. No wonder, one couple decided to celebrate marriage right behind us on a little enclosed beach.

Few more kms on the coast and I am?in Gold Coast, party city and area. Surfers paradise was ready for me with Sunday markets on Esplanade. People cruising up and down, stopping at every stall. Warm weather, red sky above the ocean, another unexpected moment to enjoy.

Cherry on top came with the dinner choice, Thai Silom, thai restaurant one street off the main busy area. Beautiful green veg curry with coconut rise made the whole 4 day trip just perfect and left me with memories and feelings, how beautiful the life is, when you let yourself go with a flow.

Plan as little as you can, but stay safe at all time.