Singapore – Radikal Forze Jam 2015

March 28, 2015

Alright, it’s been a week I landed in Singapore with my friends and australian dance family. Three crews (Common Ground, Team Cream, Skill@Will) were ready to represent Australia in bboying on this international comp in Singapore and pumped to get new exps, share their?unique dance, expression and passion.

Radikal Forze Jam 2015100+ registered set up a thought in my mind, there’s gonna be a few hungry dancers around. My thoughts came real. Asia, Malaysia, Europe, USA, Oceania. Crews from all around the world were ready to battle and fight for nothing else than RESPECT.?Welcoming smiles, friendly people, no cops and crime anywhere nearby. Just positive vibes, thousands of people and music waiting to be heard.

Outdoor setup with RB-BC-One stage, DJ and graffiti, ?indoor hall accommodating freshest merchandise, solid space to dance and massive stage for hosts and judges. I feel like back in europe, where those jams are not so rare thanks to closer distances and much larger dance scene.

We set off to battles, first round repping Common Ground with Monster, Akon and Spencer, against my dearest Skill@Will. Ridiculous to fly 7 hours and battle your neighbours. Duckee as a one man judge, looking only for top 5 out of 35+ crews. Hard job to judge, hard job to get through. We didn’t and will have to attack harder next year. What matters more is the fact, that the pressure from battling disappeared right after battle and it set the freedom for cyphering.

bgirl Loca (swiss) battling one dude for more than 10+ rounds inspired me so much that I set the cypher with Steve, continued with Jamit and did not stop for 2 hours :D. That was the best feeling I had recently when dancing. Total freedom, no one is judging, I am flying in toprocking, I am feeling free, I am loving it. While encouraging others, I am finding my own weaknesses. Footwork, back rocks and basically anything down. I find myself rushing there, not feeling comfortable. This is the area I can grow now the most.

Top 16 did their job well. Few battles were mad, both in a way of tricking as well as energy and passion expressed on the floor. I actually enjoy all style battle seven2smoke more than bboy battle. Sammy black entertained me so well, I gave him props later on.

Sunday turned into HANCAI. Meaning of this word is now very clear to me. Thousand of dancers going mad, getting wild and crazy, getting back to childhoods, when “no-one is watching”. Beach, pool, concrete, tiny cyphers, ball game, gladiator fights, flying, spinning, jumping, fighting, whatever you can think of, it happened.

One thing I missed though, was my crew. I want to represent next year with my fellow crew members and let them experience the fun I had this year.

Apart from the food on the plane and getting sick from air conditioning.

Radikal Forze Anniversary 2016 – I’ll see you there Felix.

note to mention bboys from Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, bboy Jax, Jamal, Loca, Brad, Steve, Erik (new gen cypher), Puzzle, Sonic, Mauritzio and many more..

Hancai Kings

Posted by Mythology Project on Monday, 23 March 2015


Breaking workouts and exercises

There are plenty of techniques, tips, tricks and stuff you can do to improve your fitness, body form and inner strength. However, none of that is actually working, when it does not relate to you. Many people uses gym, weight lifting to build up muscles, hoping the performance in dancing will increase. I am not saying it won’t, there are certainly similarities that can be applied across multiple disciplines, however it looks to me as if you were asking sprinter how to prepare for gymnastics rings.

I believe you should find your unique way of exercising, find what suits you best, listen to your body and see where it gets you. It helps to get inspired too, however I feel a need to get inspired from someone or something I have relation to, something I like, something I have passion for. To give an example, I find it much beneficial to get inspired by bboy Moy (Havikoro), than amazing guys doing outdoor fitness on bars. Yes, the guys have my respect, however muscles they use help them to do what they do and not particularly moves, that I am aiming to do. So I think, that following Moy’s exercise techniques that actually relate to my dance, are far more beneficial for me and my dance. I also like the way Moy dances and uses energy, so it is much easier to adopt and see myself getting similar results.

Here are few examples…

I reckon the jumping (2:30) is great to keep in mind changing levels.
Aztec Push-ups definitely next level.
When mastering those, I’d suggest to use your own moves for drills. Create some step and change it into drill. I might post them to this page later on.

Here a starting version for non-advanced.

check out his website, subscribe his channel etc.


Additional resources will be added to this page below…


Exercise: shoulder tears

March 27, 2015

I just came up with new way of practising handstands and handstand pull ups. When doing standard handstand with wall support or without, muscles are used only until full straight position is reached, where body frame kicks in and all weight is pushed against joints only.

Following exercise eliminates this thanks to hands positioned in front of the body and not under, while whole back is supported by wall. The lower the legs you let go, the more pressure on your shoulders is going to be created. Picture above?will demonstrate this cool way how to build up some strength and body control. Give it a go and you will soon realise, why I call it “shoulder tears”. 🙂

1000 hours of breakin in 2015

March 2, 2015

My day has 8 workings hours, 6 sleeping hours, 1 hour of transport, 1 hour eating..and another 6 hours free for whatever I want to do.

That’s a lot and I have decided to invest those hours to self development and breaking. I bought checked lino for my living room so I can practise, which I have always dreamed about, however once I bought it I realised I don’t practise actually. I was missing motivation or purpose.

Now my mind is clear and I know what I am doing.

So my deepest and truest myself:
I am making a deal with you, that I will dedicate 1000 hours into breaking and self development. That is 225 days performing 4 hours of dance activity per day, including stretching, educating or other form of self development. Each of the session is supposed to be noted with a date onto one of the white fields on my checked dance floor. I will use my best knowledge and body control to practise hard, but also responsibly to avoid any injury, body damage or anything that would stop me from finishing this challenge. Should I be travelling and not being able to commit to my promise, I will have to add missed hours onto other days to catch up no longer than 2 weeks from missed?the practise.

Here are tips to keep yourself on the track:
– get new music for practise
– warm up with slow music, toprocks and go downs
– stretch accordingly
– do hops foot control practise on black fields
– do knee practise in drop on each of the white fields – use rhythm to help finish this task – do this every practise until your dance easily after finishing this task
– practise infinite concept in your main moves
– should you be losing inspiration: FSS?2000 always helps
– create inspirational words and put them on the wall all around
– go sleep before midnight
– summarise what you did good and what needs more practise


Workshop with Poe One

Gold Coast – 1/03/2013
organised by Team Cream

Legendary Poe One sharing his knowledge, views, passion and love…again and again… :))

Key points:


Meeting bboy Kareem

February 18, 2015

Here I am now, in Australia, having dance workshop with american bboy Kareem, whom I was watching on VHS recordings from French competition called Total Session 4, while practising my silly moves in living room in Czech Republic 13 years ago. ?Almost looks like I am bringing these people into my life, slowly but surely, hey.

Main points:

Video footage:

Rock Force Crew vs Vagabonds.?One of the most influential battle I have ever seen in my life.?So much energy, passion and emotions put on the dance floor. So inspiring.