WimHof in Australia and his method

April 16, 2018

Wim Hof was in Australia and I took my chance to get a workshop with him. It was a great experience and I’ve been practising it daily since then, but let’s cover some basics first. Note: this is just for my future reference and brings somewhat limited information value.

Who is WIMHOF?

He is the ICEMAN! Amazing guy, breaking world records (I think he holds 26 or so), he ran a marathon under polar circle in nothing but shorts, he was sitting almost 2 hours in ice, he climbed Mt Everest to Death Zone point in shorts – he said the cup of tea was pretty good there :). These are just a few examples of what he has done. For more info go to this website: http://wimhofmethod.com

note: WHM = Wim Hof Method

Why I went to his workshop?

Workshop itself

Consisted of several parts:

My experience:

The workshop was great, well organised and managed to push through my limits. I did WHM at home but haven’t reached my limit until the day at the workshop. I believe doing it in a group and having that extra guidance definitely helped me to get to my edge. I experienced strong tingling in my body, euphoria and energy floating within. Since then, after a month of practising, I recall about 4-5 highly intense experiences while the others were more subtle.

Prior to the workshop I already practised:

My breathing experience goes somewhat like this:


Below are some of the benefits listed on WHM brochures. The ones that I experience are highlighted bold.

Notes from the talk:

“MOTTO: HEALTHY HAPPY STRONG” – this is his motto he believes in and he also pointed out several issues that our society is facing and suggested to focus on these values to bring the better future.

“MOTIVATION” – limit set and done – Kilimanjaro – 28 hours = incredible achievement.

“CONFIDENCE and BELIEVE” – once he did it, he repeated it 10x

“CONTROL IMFLAMATION” – I practised breathing to fasten my recovery process and have achieved good results. Inflammation level was manageable and quickly gone.

“CONTROL TEMPERATURE” – skin example 33 vs 31 in cold – normal – cold – normal changing environment (experiment at laboratory proved his skills). I believe it is a combination of will and mind control (potentially supported by breathing) to be mastered over a long-term practising.

“COLD IS A TEACHER” – his favourite phrase and I would add, if COLD is a mind teacher, then CONCRETE is a bboys’ teacher :D.

“FIND the WAY to GO to your DEEPEST NATURE” – dig deep and push your limits.

“GET out of your comfort zone so particular proteins get activated”

“BLOOD with protectors from COLD” had no reaction to bacteria – pretty cool!




“PURSUE STILLNESS AND THEN THE OPPOSITE” – go from one extreme to another, so then anything above average becomes a piece of cake.

“Fear of death” = you have to focus, find the clarity and win, the way he improved heavily (dive a day before official recording) he meant to do 42 strokes, but ended up doing extra 6+6+x extra until he found the hole to get out, fighting for his life.

“Book: what doesn’t kill us” – amazon link  I haven’t read it yet, on the to-do list.

WHM => apparently better outcomes than NLP, visualisation and other. It’s early for me to judge.

3 pillars of WHM:

  1. breathing
  2. cold therapy
  3. commitment

Personal comment:

I consider WHM as a part of personal development and essential tool for improving our well being. I do see positive results and continue to study other breathing techniques further. I recommend WHM to others but please do your research first (before you try) – there are plenty of youtube videos and website links available.

Here are just a few for your convenience:

1st-time WHM experience – 7 days – Sorelle Amore

Medical Mystery revealed – TedTalk – WimHof


Basic but a nice relax music with Wim Hof guided breathing


Interview with Laird Hamilton – big-wave surfer and innovator


Your new wallpaper 😉

SECURITY: TPG modem admin bypass to enable DSL

February 12, 2018


you have Huawei HG659 that came from TPG pre-configured, but it doesn’t work on ADSL. You set up bridge mode to 3rd party ADSL modem and still no success. Reason being – it’s preconfigured for VDSL and you cannot change it without root admin access. On top, TPG won’t give you the password for root.


Forget about root admin and bypass root account by using your current user account, but with the admin interface. Then set up DSL connection instead of VDSL and you’re good to go.

The bypass process is not complicated and takes about 10 minutes to complete, a general cmd line skills are required. If you run into troubles, hit me up (e-mail).


  1. browser with an element inspector (safari, chrome, etc..)
  2. details about your DSL connection
  3. python compiler (https://python.org)
  4. python cryptographic toolkit (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pycrypto
  5. python decryption script https://pastebin.com/JbZjygY3
  6. terminal / cmd line


  1. download and install all required stuff (point 3 and 4)
  2. login to router administration via internet browser ( with admin/admin,
    1. bring up element inspector,
    2. find a file called cat_exember.js.jgz under resource tab,
    3. create a breakpoint on line 1,
    4. refresh a page and anytime it stops enter g_userLevel=2 into a console, hit enter and then press “continue debugger
    5. navigate yourself to Management>Device Management>”Backup and restore settings” and download config file. Place the file into the same directory like a script from step 5.
  3. run terminal/cmd line and navigate to a folder where you have a decryption script (hg635_configtool.py) as well as downloadconfigfile.conf (downloaded in the previous step).
  4. Run: hg635_configtool.py decrypt downloadconfigfile.conf output.xml
  5. Edit file output.xml, find a line starting with <UserInfoInstance InstanceID=”2″ Username=”admin” … and edit parametr Userlevel=”1″ to Userlevel=”2″. Save and exit.
  6. Run: hg635_configtool.py encrypt output.xml output.conf
  7. Upload output.conf to a router via internet browser -> router administration -> “Maintain > Device Management > Backup or Restore Settings > Restore Settings > output.conf“. Use the hack from step 2 to see the menu. Once done, re-login to your router as normal.
  8. To setup DSL, go to:
    1. Internet->Internet Settings->new WAN connection and fill your details. Once done, hit apply. 
    2. Connect your DSL cable and hit restart PPPoE, wait 2 minutes and see if you’re connected.

Below is a screenshot of settings for Telstra / Bigpond broadband if that helps. Don’t forget to replace “USERNAME” with your username;). Happy surfing.

Additional resources:




CRYPTO: Bitcoin is not always Bitcoin!

February 9, 2018

Bitcoin is not always Bitcoin!

Warning! Before you invest in Bitcoin, please do a proper research and/or ask people you trust for advice in this field. There is a very nasty marketing approach circling Bitcoin and has been for a while, as everyone wants to cut their piece and profit. Don’t let them profit on you.

You might come across websites, social network profiles or forum campaigns, which claim that they sell or offer services of Bitcoin, but they are actually selling a forked version of Bitcoin. Now, what is forked version? Well, it is an alternation of the original coin, which operates independently (such as it has a different aim, rules, price tag, development team, etc), sort of like a different currency. So in other words, if you buy a forked version of Bitcoin instead of the original one, you might be then surprised that you cannot spend it everywhere you wanted and that’s not cool.

To prevent this issue or confusion, alternations of Bitcoin (forked versions) supposed to be named differently and they are. Here are some of them:

The problem occurs when this rule is ignored or the original name (“Bitcoin”) is misused for the marketing purposes. So for example, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is heavily misusing the word “Bitcoin” in order to overtake the market and fool people that BCH is Bitcoin.

BCH is Bitcoin Cash (forked Bitcoin) and BTC is Bitcoin / Bitcoin Core (the original Bitcoin).

There is even more nasty stuff going, which you can read more about in this article: https://medium.com/@MishaGuttentag/coinbase-should-stop-selling-bitcoin-cash-bch-seriously-ba601d395023

As a summary, I personally do not like the way BCH operates and their aggressive marketing is not something I want to support. Now in saying that, it doesn’t mean the coin is useless or you cannot make a money on it. It just means, it is not aligned with my values and therefore it is not for me.

WEB: webserver sizing and testing

February 7, 2018

Here are few links I recommend to start with for a web server design, load testing and performance.

  1. Web server sizing – network, processor, memory, HDD
  2. Load testing – load impact – nice tool to put a web under (test)load 🙂

CRYPTO: handy BTC tools for TXs and fees

Below is a list of tools you might need for checking a transaction fee or its details. Handy for cutting some TXs cost and troubleshooting crypto transactions (mostly BTC).

  1. Unconfirmed transaction and fees estimator; shows price per byte and eta for confirmation
  2. Unconfirmed transactions in mem-pool, variation of #1
  3. Bitcoin Fee calculator, calculate size and fee estimation
  4. Accelerators – for stuck transactions
    ConfirmTX – free below 300bytes, larger $5
    ViaBTC’s accelerator – free, 100 txs, starts every hour, FIFO
    Coolwave accelerator – forum, register first (bitcoinTalk forum)
  5. Block explorer – review transaction details and info about network
    Blockchain.info – info + wallet (BTC)
    Blockr.io – BTC/LTC info
    Blockexplorer.com – grandpa explorer
    Insight.is  – API tool for data
    Chain.so – multi-currency block explorer
    Blocktrail – explorer and wallet
    BitcoinChain – explorer and other info

SECURITY: two factor authentication (2FA)

January 24, 2018

2FA – optional for now, a must in near future

We live and operate in a digital world where security should be our priority number one, but let’s be honest, it rarely is. How many of you have really strong passwords that do not repeat and are changed frequently? I know! It is a painful, boring and time-consuming process. Well, luckily there are services like LastPass and other password management tools that help us simplify it and use our time better, liking chilling at the beach for example:).
Note: to get a premium membership for 1 year free, use this link for LastPass (not guaranteed)

Additionally, to our standard username-password system, it becomes more and more common to use 2FA. That is a Two Factor Authentication (TFA/2FA) process, where one factor is a knowledge of our password and second is access or code from a different source. Those of you with internet bank access, you most likely use SMS as authorisation for your transactions. There are, however, other options such as phone call, hardware token (little dongle provided by banks) or software token generator.

Nowadays, you can secure plenty of online apps and services (such as facebook, google, twitter, etc.) with 2FA. We will see only a growth of its application in near future. I encourage you all, to activate those 2FA as the techniques of breaking into systems are constantly evolving. What do you consider secure today, might be broken tomorrow. So additional layer like 2FA is a good option, for now.

Some of you may have heard of Google Authenticator. It is a software token generator, that spits out numbers that you then use to authenticate your access to particular service or app. It is sort of like getting SMS verification code, but the code is generated by the application instead of receiving it from a 3rd party.

authy vs google auth

Well, before you even touch it, forget about Google Authenticator (GA) and look at Authy. It does the same but much more and trust me, you want that little more. At the bare minimum, GA does not provide backups so if you lose access to it, you will have a lot of “fun” trying to cancel 2FA with services you use and recover your access. I was there, I learned the lesson, so you don’t have to. Here is a full comparison between Google Authenticator and Authy to convince us all. Oh, and it is FREE of course.


Additionally, you could also use LastPass Authenticator, but that one works on mobiles only at the moment of writing this post. Lastly but not least, there are several others 2FAs available, so do your research and chose the one suit you the best. Authy kills it for me now. Also, if you haven’t check out that LastPass password manager – I am sure you will love it and if not, I want to hear more from you.

CRYPTO: GDAX – CoinBase security flaw

January 23, 2018

Let’s assume you enabled 2FA on your GDAX/Coinbase account. Currently, you cannot withdraw funds from GDAX to outside address or bank account without two-factor authentication (2FA).

However, you can move the funds from GDAX to Coinbase account and from there you can then send them to outside address without 2FA! I consider this a security flaw and will demonstrate the issue in the example below.

If for example, you have a device (PC/MAC/Mobile, etc.) where you have activated “remember me for 30 days” feature to avoid providing 2FA everytime you log in, this device becomes a target for potential theft. Once someone will get an access to this device and steal your login credentials, they can then move the funds from GDAX to Coinbase and from there move it to an outside address to which you no longer have access. GDAX and Coinbase share the security settings (including login details), so attacker needs just your login details to access both platforms to action it.

Vulnerability above assumes that attacker will gain access to login credentials and to the device with active “remember me for 30 days”, so please make sure you have both secured very well if you happen to have this kind of set up.

@COINBASE: kindly fix it pls!


How to back up iPhone to external HDD on iMac

January 20, 2018

iTunes is storing backups by default on local (system) hard drive. That takes heaps of space, so the external HHD would be better choise.

To prevent this from happening, a symbolic link has be to created and point onto a folder in external hdd.

Following command in a terminal will do the trick.

ln -s /Volumes/1TB/Backup ~/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync/

Just note the following:

1TB = name of external hdd (if it has spaces, then use “1TB”)

Backup = folder on external HDD

MobileSync = does not have folder “Backup” prior running the command


PS: this is general procedure, which might differ based on version of iOS, especially location of backup files on local hdd. Tested on macOs Sierra 10.12.4.

How to make public facebook posts private (the quicker way)

January 2, 2018

I randomly came across a problem related to Facebook privacy and public posts. If you have ever posted something on Facebook, you might also know that there are some privacy options available for each post. While you might have your default visibility set up to “friends” only, there still might be some older posts on your timeline with privacy set to “public“.

That essentially means that anyone who googles your profile can see your public posts, such as links, photos, videos, notes etc. Remember those pictures with your awesome hairstyle from the 80’s? Your dance creations on New Year’s Eve? Or maybe those links about political affairs? Whatever is the case, you might feel like you want to hide them all.

Unfortunately, these magic buttons do not exist in the Facebook world. Or at least I have not found one. Facebook gives you only a page with “view as…“, where you can see how general public (such as Google search) will see your profile. To change the privacy of those public posts, you have to do it one by one and you cannot do it directly from this “view as…” page either. What a pain! This could take up to several hours, depending on how many public posts you have.

So, to save you time and headaches, I have found a way to automate it, sort of. Now, before we dig into it, I do not claim it will work for you and I do not provide any support. Reason being is, that there are too many scenarios to cover and my time is limited too. So hopefully, you’re the lucky one:). So let us assume you have:

We will use iMacros plugin, the couple of clicks and built-in loop feature. Easy peasy. Job for 3-5 minutes.

  1. Open chrome, login to your FB, click on your name and note your username from your URL
  2. Open new tab and search for: “iMacros for Chrome”, install Chrome and run it
  3. In iMacro window click on “record macro“, then click on “stop“. A new window will occur, where you replace all text with the following:
    URL GOTO=https://www.facebook.com/YOURUSERNAME?viewas=100000686899395&privacy_source=timeline_gear_menu#_

    TAG POS=1 TYPE=SPAN ATTR=CLASS:timestampContent
    TAG POS=2 TYPE=I ATTR=CLASS:img<SP>sp_3OxEQobvphM<SP>sx_73cfea&&TXT:
  4.  PLEASE:
    1. Replace the bold text “YOURUSERNAME” with your “username” from step 1.
    2. If you have slow internet or too many posts, adjust “wait” parameter to a higher value such as 4, 6 or 8 depending on your needs. This will wait for your posts to load, so the script can then continue properly.
  1. Click on “Save as & close“, name it properly as a bookmark, then go back to your FB page and iMacro window.
  2. Select your macro in the upper part and then in the lower menu click on “play” -> “play macro“. It should open your facebook “view as…” page. Then it does few clicks and finishes on the post page with changed privacy. It is recommended to check your latest public post, to confirm it worked properly.
  3. Now you can try it again, but this time click “play” -> “play loop“. It should do 3 cycles and make your 3 latest posts marked as visible for “friends” only.
    Note: this script is changing the privacy from “public” to “friends“. You could tweak it to change it to another privacy group if you wish. There are infinitive improvements.
  4. If all works, simply change the value of “max” field to 10 or higher and see it working for you ten times. Run it several times under supervision or let it run for 100 repetitions and then come back. That’s it.

The script might not run on all types of posts. Some picture posts do not open in new window (as all other posts) and their privacy must be changed manually (click on the date next to your post -> then the “globe icon” -> select your privacy group). If you find, more scenarios that could be covered, send me an e-mail;).

I hope this saved you some time or you have tried at least something new. If you are into automation, check out iMacros website, they offer much more sophisticated tools for automation nerds. See more at iMacros Store.

Have a good one!


$100 for free aka Banks are craving for your money

May 20, 2017

As much as I am not fan of centralised banks and would love to see crypto in place, I still get paid the traditional way – via EFT. So since having a bank account is a must, why not to get some benefits.

I joined ING Direct through invitation, got $50 cash into my account as bonus, 3% interest rate on my saving account, visa card and free withdrawals from ANY ATM for FREE in Australia. I don’t mention running fees, because first there are none and second I would not join a bank where I have to pay for letting someone using my money for investment (that’s what banks do). So where is the catch?

Well, if you want to keep getting 3% interest rate (combination of standard 1.5 + 1.5 bonus rate), you have to deposit $1000 every month onto your everyday account from another bank account. They don’t have branches, so you either have to get paid from your employee or use another bank account to move it there. You could easily set up automatic transfer of $1000 from one bank to another, if you don’t have additional $1000 to deposit every month, just saying. If you are old school and require a physical branch, than sorry you will have to pay for it in fees with another bank. This one is online only. As it is online, it has really user-friendly internet and mobile banking, so even a complete anti-talent could figure it out in few seconds.

All right, so that was my experience, but I promised $100 for free. Since banks need more money, they try to get more customers. Hence, there is promotion now to get $100 bonus cash for creating an account with ING Direct. Same thing which I have done for $50, they now offer for $100 and that’s for both inviter and invitee. So if you have five mins to get some extra cash for yourself and help me fund my trip around the world, set up an account using my promo code: ESV546. Don’t worry, you can always cancel your account should you decide you don’t want it.

So, before you jump the queue, please make sure that you fill the promo code during registration. Failing that will result in bonus for banks and not us.

Opening account is easy:

  1. You gotta visit: https://www.ingdirect.com.au/everyday-banking.html
  2. Open a new Orange Everyday account
    (and enter promo code: ESV546 when you apply – clicking on link above does not work, you MUST fill it in manually)
  3. Deposits $1,000+ into their Orange Everyday within a calendar month by 31 July 2017

That’s it. Oh and I forgot to mention that they support now mobile payments too. If you would have any questions, I am message away. Peace.

Disclaimer: this promo applies for first 10,000 customers that apply. So, don’t leave it for tomorrow.

“Man Up, Speak Up”

April 7, 2017

To anyone out there…I am always here to hear you out! Just two clicks away…forget all the prejudice, judgement and complexity of your problems. Talk to me and together we find a way out. See clip below…

Man Up, Speak Up

My friend as personal assistant (VA)

April 5, 2017

So here is the idea. I’ve read that in near future we might see personal assistant using our own voice. Now that’s cool and weird a the same time. Wouldn’t we much rather hear some voice we love to hear? Why our own then? What about someone from our closest family, friend or love? 

Disclaimer: I don’t take responsibility of any word listed in this video

There is endless opportunities and solutions available. Just to start and do it:).

One way of doing it on a technical level could be capturing voice from your friend, who reads out a paragraph of words. These represent sets of commands or language domain used by the virtual assistant (VA).

To make it more fun, this could be through game between the two, where voice communication is enabled, certain topics are thrown at each of the players and answers are capture over the time to apply later in assistance. 

Note to say that google already has our voice recorded if you’ve ever searched the net by using voice search. Same applies for Siri, Cortona and other assistants deployed.

Another way of doing it is to analyse tone, intonation, accent and mask it over template of VA. 

Note: I am not sure if this technology is available but since I just thought of it, I am sure someone somewhere have it done by the time you finish reading this post.

Another way is to create a game, where making a fun/joke of our friend is a target action. In return, sender’s voice was captured and you’ll end being pranked even worse and that way you make fun of them but they trick you into capturing your voice into to VA and revenge comes back to you in even funnier video/animation,

Now while this is all fun, one could this of what is the real puspose of this all. Well, I believe that VA will play major role in our lives. We should not forget that the technology suppose to serve us and not us we serve the technology. So, we think what value it brings you using the tech. If you’re bored, look around cask your friends, there is so much to learn about. Take you potential and turn it into something good:)!

Maybe it will be you who surprise me with a new VA app tomorrow :)!

Good luck. PaCh

Freedom & Responsibility

March 30, 2017

“With freedom comes responsibility.”

From early childhood we want to be independent, we want to do whatever we want, whenever we want. We don’t like other people telling us what to do and when to do it. A classic example is parents calling us for dinner, cleaning our room, doing our homework, etc. Now the reason why they tells us is, that they think or see reasons behind doing these things at the time. They might also see consequences of not doing these things based on what they experienced or saw during their own lifetime. Quite often they believe, that their experience and knowledge outweighs our own experience. While this might be true in a lot of cases, it is not a precedent to follow. We could have as much experience in certain areas as our parents, if not more. However, the point here is not to argue or create conflict between us and them, in order to prove whose theory or idea was right and result to a positive outcome. Instead, we should try to find understanding and common language between both of us. Finding the way of communicating ideas and sharing knowledge in a non-offensive / non-commanding way leads to gain of trust and mutual inspiration, instead of creating a feeling of one’s control over another.

If full trust is established between parent and child for that particular area of action, then the responsibility is passed onto the child, and parent naturally worries less about the child. If a child takes full responsibility of their actions and the outcome of the action is seen as positive by the parent, then the trust between parent and child gets stronger and deeper. If, however, the outcome is seen by the parent as negative, the parent might feel the need to take the responsibility back and provide a certain level of control over the child. They often call it protection. By nature, we want to protect those we love. Therefore as parents, we are taking responsibility for our children and their actions. In doing so, we are blindly preventing them from learning and growing, and we are making them dependent on us. The more dependent they are, the more control we have and the more secure we feel about them. As the child grows, the dependency lowers with their age, and as parents, we might start to feel powerless. If the kids grow in the direction we agree with, then we are happy and feel safe. However, if the destination is not aligned or in agreement with our belief, it creates conflicts, disagreements and very often breaks up our very precious family connection. It attacks our trust and relationship bond.

To provide a solution to this complex life process, we must put ego and our need of control aside. We must allow ourselves to be wrong, we have to let the child get hurt and learn on their own. We have to let them grow. Rather than being a commander, we must position ourselves as independent advisors, ensuring we listen to opinions and the needs of our child, while finding the right way of passing on our experience and knowledge in the least invasive way. We also must accept denial of learning from the child and respect their decisions. We can always raise questions that help our kids to understand their needs and desires better, but we should never force them to accept our beliefs. Creating space for questions helps us understand them better and empowers them too. We can help them understand and answer questions of what they are doing and why. This helps them learn quicker and grow. If they are allowed to be responsible for their actions, they can learn from them. If they fail to be responsible, we must be cautious not to rob them entirely of their responsibilities. This could be misused by the child and would allow them to be selective of their areas of responsibility, leading to reduced growth potential. Essentially, to truly express our love, we need to let them be fully responsible on their own. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes.

Now, while I focus on an example with a parent and a child, this exact same concept applies to our relationships with friends, community and society as a whole. We see irresponsible behaviour of others and we think that we will prevent it by putting laws and restrictions in place. By doing that, we create more dependency on others and prevent growth in each one of us. We tend to blame others for our own actions and often we don’t see our own faults at all. We often believe we are right and others are wrong.

However, if we allow ourselves to look at our own individual actions, we start to see their impact and we recognise our power associated with it. The more we practise this, the more aware we become. If the outcomes are positive, we feel strong and have a natural need to do more because we feel good about it. If the outcome is negative, we tend to change directions, topics or focus in general. However, we have a choice whether we continue to improve or let go. We also have a choice to be responsible or pass the responsibility onto others. The more actions we take on our own, the more responsibility we have and the more powerful we feel. There is no change without action. So if we want to see a change, a positive outcome, we must behave responsively. That is to face and deal with consequences of our actions, whether they are positive or negative. By doing so, we learn, we grow and we also inspire others around us. In the same way, we get inspired. This is a cycle that repeats over and over again, and if we become active participants of it, we start to see changes reflecting our desires and needs. The more people these changes affect, the longer it takes to get where we want to be. This is due to the different beliefs and needs of each one of us. We must learn patience in achieving those dreams and sometimes learn how to let go. We need to understand that the real value of our actions is in the journey, not the destination. We learn much more on the way, than at the end. So the concept of it all is really not rocket science. Yes, to practise it regularly might require energy and awareness, but the benefits we gain are far more valuable and help move us all forward.

I believe that the freedom and responsibility we let go of in the past, can be returned back to us as individual human beings with our own unique needs, ideas and dreams, by taking control of our actions and being fully responsible again.

I believe that by being more responsible, we not only improve our own life, but lives of us all.

Whether you share my beliefs or not, I would like to encourage you to think about what responsibility means to you and how you can improve your life and the lives of others. Whatever you give, will return back to you.


Kupovani letenek = rychly souhrn

March 17, 2017

Vyhledávače letenek používám na srovnání cen. Skyscanner je jedním z nich, další třeba Momondo, Adioso.

Ceny letenek pak zkontroluji přímo přes stránky letecké společnosti, u nízko rozpočtových to většinou vyjde lépe u nich. (Ne vždy!)

Vždy používám soukromý / incognito profil v prohlížeči a ceny porovnám i s mobilní aplikaci a z jiné ip adresy.

Letenky hledám v rozmezí: úterý až čtvrtek pro odlety i přílety a pak kontroluji kombinaci +- 3dny všemi směry.

Do ČR teď letím přes Peking a Budapešť – dvě samostatné rezervace. Cena $600 jednosměrná – považuji za drahé, ale tak je to sezóna.

V minulosti, jsem koupil zpáteční ČR – Austrálie nejlevněji za $780 zpáteční, standardně však okolo $1000-1200.

Pro lety z ČR doporučuji Pelikán.cz a sledovat jejich akce. Dá se sehnat ČR-Austrálie za 15tis Kč (je potřeba sledovat Newsletter).

Pokud mozno vyhnout se sezóně anebo létat na okraji (do půlky června či dříve směr ČR, konec listopadu začátek června směr Austrálie).

Upozornění: ceny na vyhledávačích nejsou vždy 100% aktuální. Mnohdy se mi stane ze dva servery ukazuji cenu levnou zatímco všichni ostatní dráž. Problém muže být oběma směry, tak či tak – zkouším booknout za levnější, někdy vyjde, někdy ne.

PS: referuji lety CZ queensland. Do Sydney a Melbourne se lítá často levněji.

20 tips for wealthy life

February 20, 2017

Hi everyone,

some time ago I came accross youtube video that inspired me to write down tips for wealthy life. Unfortunately, the video is down, so credits can’t be given but here are those 20 tips for us all to try :). Have fun with it!

1. save first, then spend what you can truly afford
2. study wealthy people / study role models
3. ask for help
4. do regular visualizations
5. make a joy list – treat yourself
6. stretch yourself – push your limits
7. get comfortable with money (have cash on hand)
8. give more than you pay for (constant improve)
9. attitude of gratitude (small things you have)
10. poverty is challenge not a problem, slowly but surely
11. old patterns of poverty (stealing paperclip, bills delayed)
12. stop wasting time on unimportant things
13. good ideas write down
14. practise positivity techniques
15. pay yourself (write yourself a check)
16. know your weaknesses
17. get in touch with your passion EVERY day
18. take the fear out of making money
19. charge what you’re worth (one screw for $300)
20. keep going (re-evaluate)

true wealth consist of whatever you value


source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG4MBZTDBo0 (link broken)

Short forecast of computing era in relation to AI

September 15, 2016

AI = artificial intelligence, has been on rapid growth during the millennium age and we are shifting into cognitive era of computing, where computer software can listen, learn and analyse unstructured data. Cognitive thinking is natural to humans but it’s been a great challenge for digital world. These limitations however, are falling apart and the future we envision and sometimes dream about, might be closer than we think. Scary and exciting at the same time.

I was interested in IBM Watson project for few years now and recently came across a question related to AI and new computer era.

Q: what will be the next computing era about? What’s next?

So here’s a thought:

I foresee the Fourth Era of Computing as the time of CREATION. Creation of knowledge, solutions, thinking. Technology itself will serve automated discovering, analysing, creating and delivering new solution to our problems. It will serve helping to reveal the unknown as well as overtake some decision making processes. Quantum physics will play major role in computing and will set us on a new path. Human intelligence, physical enhancements and integration of AI with human body and thinking might become the new field of focus.

In meantime, I believe that future steps of this third (cognitive) era for AI will be:
– expanding learning ability to human’s emotional intelligence (if it’s not there yet)
– creating decision making processes under supervision scheme (hopefully)
– integrating and changing daily lifestyle of our society & well being (AI as personal assistant – already happening).

I hope however, that I will still have some real friends even then :).

Regardless of what will actually become real from the list above, one thing remain the same – “only the strong will survive”.

What are your thoughts of future?


Inspiration from Danny Trejo

August 14, 2016

I came across this video and could not hold myself to listen to it several times and take a time to write down some notes. In my own unique way, I can relate to what he is saying from my own experience and I would love to share pitch points with others. Below the video are some important facts from this short clip I want to comment on.

Everything good that has happened to me, has happened as a direct result of helping someone else.

Some people believe, that good or bad things which happen to us, are results of luck or bad luck. How many times I have heard someone telling me, “oh you are so lucky. How many times have I heard someone telling me “bad luck mate”. This type of response is not beneficial in any way to me. I strongly believe, that all good things happen to me, because of my previous actions and hard work. Contra that, I believe that bad things happen to me, so that I can learn a lesson and they are result of my previous decisions as well. When some people tell me, “you’re so lucky”, other words they are not acknowledging or don’t know about the hard work leading to that “lucky stage”. They tell me, that I have no control of where I am and why. The same concept applies to negative expeirence, where people tend to blame “bad luck” as a cause of unfortunate results. They tend to say that, because they don’t know or understands the actions that led me to this “failure”. They want to make me feel less guilty, so they blame “bad luck”. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help me at all. What I need is a feedback – both positive and negative. If I lose on battle, don’t come to me and say “bad luck mate”, instead come and say – you did well this this and this, but you were lacking this this this. In case you don’t know why I lost or did not perform that well, then throw questions at me instead? Did you practice that move before? Did you tried this technique yet? Did you plan? Did you practise enough? Questions, questions, questions, that help me or lead me to gain understanding on why things happened in that particular way. The same concept applies to positive outcomes and results. Instead of saying “you’re so lucky”, say “what did you do that help you get here?” or “what do you thing was the key factor to win?” or “How did you learn to do this move?”. These questions are not only guidelines and inspiration for you, they are key reassuring elements and feedback for me. Do you see the difference? This is very simple philosophy, which can be applied on daily basis and empower us all. Yet, it is poorly practiced, because it requires critical thinking that not many of us want to use. Simply, because it is easier not to. Well, I challenge us all – to take this approach instead and seek for questions and answers, because they help us understand, they help us GROW.

Staying away from drugs and alcohol.

This advice comes deeply from Danny’s experience. I did not come across drug use and alcohol addiction in my life, but I was involved in cultural phenomena called social drinking. Social drinking is a consumption of alcohol without consciously deciding, whether or not, you want it. In other words, you drink because others drink. You don’t ask yourself if you should or should not drink, if you want or you don’t want to drink, you simply – just do it. Now to realise impact of this, I undertook a 12 month challenge of not drinking any alcohol at all (please seek for Hello Sunday Morning project). It helped me to understand, how heavily is alcohol integrated into our society and cultural habits, how badly it impacts our health and how much money and opportunities are lost by being part of it. I am not mentioning this here, to make us quit drinking or to make us all believe, that there is only one good live and that is without alcohol. I mention this here, to bring back the critical thinking we all have, to help us realise what we do and why. Is this really our choice? or do we blame negative (or positive) outcomes onto others? Are we responsible for these choices or does it happen just because of our luck? I am not going to dive into drug topic, because everyone has different idea of how drugs are defined. However, seeking for questions and answer in what we do, why we do it and where could we be instead – that is my message to pass.

Education is the key to anything you wanna do.

When I hear Danny Trejo saying this sentence, my heart melts. I feel warm blood coming from my heart down through my body and circling all around. It feels so good to hear someone else thinking the same way. It is my strong believe, the more educated choices we make, the better outcomes are waiting for us at the end of our journey. To find the right balance between – having no education / information prior actioning at all – versus  – to have enough knowledge for making the best decisions, that is the challenge we all have to deal with. There is a quote from Aristotle: “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” Sometimes, we are better off not knowing, because life seems to be much simpler that way. However, is the quality, great choices and decisions really hidden in not knowing? I personally believe, that knowing enough is essential and knowing everything is sometimes beneficial. I believe that by learning more about causes of my actions and decisions, I am preparing a ground for more sophisticated choices in future. By learning more, I am growing and that is the ultimate purpose of my life. I love to GROW. 

What is your purpose of life?

Success judged by results

July 26, 2016

We measure success by results.

We tend to be driven by results rather than a journey. But once we shift our focus from the future (result stage) into present moment, not only we are far more efficient and successful in what we do, we also grow and become wealthier than ever before, regardless of the result.

Experience, knowledge and growth is our ultimate wealth.


lemon juice and apple cider vinegar challenge

July 6, 2016

I love challenges. They help me grow. Several studies confirmed that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. So if I can stick to one month challenges, I will be very happy and continue to grow.

So here is another one I would like to undertake. I’ll call it:


Q: What is the challenge about?
A: Start a day with half a lemon, two spoons of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and 1 spoon of honey mixed in half a liter cup.

Q: What is a desired outcome?
A: lower expectations and avoid disappointment. Feeling good every day would be good start.

Q: Where am I right now?
A: I do drink lemon and water occasionally and I started to drink apple cider vinegar last week. However, I inconsistency occurs all the time, hence this challenge will help set up some habit and hopefully long run benefit.

Q: How I am going to achieve it?
A: Let’s put it into steps:
1. get a supply of fresh lemons on weekly basis, try Bragg’s at work and get a bottle for home use, get a supply for honey
(I prefer raw manuka honey, but normal would do too. Bragg’s vinegar is cool and some local farmer with lemons would be ideal.)
2. brush teeth at home and get to work few mins earlier to have start the day with warm mixture
3. on weekly basis, leave a comment here to monitor the progress

Prior taking on any challenge, it’s good to do some investigation and education

first to avoid any negative impacts. So here is an awesome article talking about lemon impact on enamel and also vinegar and pH factor. I will need to add some link later on for honey consumption and it’s impact.

I highly recommend everyone reading following article prior trying this challenge!

How to drink water with lemon and preserve your tooth enamel

That’s it for now and I welcome anyone to share their feedback via private messages or e-mail.


Protected: Dance workshops, coaching, healthocator

February 8, 2016

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iPhone wifi issue solved by hair dryer

May 5, 2015

Ok. So this has happened to me already 4 times and technique below is not guaranteed at any circumstances. However, it worked for me all the time. So what is the issue? iPhone 4s simply stop providing me wifi feature since I updated the iOS to newer version. It has happened with any major iOS update 7.x, 8.x. Wifi was working perfectly fine, then I updated iOS and boom – wifi button grayed out. Soft reset, hard reset, factory restore, nothing helps. Apple support claiming it as a hardware fault.

Ok, let’s take a hair dryer, turn it on and smash earphone of the iphone with the heat until it “melts” or at least shows you it is overheated and it’s turning itself off. Great, we’ve?just melted the wiring and it’s time to put it in freezer for quick cool down. After 5-10 minutes I am taking it out, letting it dry off with cloth. 5 minutes later I turn it back on and VOILA – here comes the wifi feature again until next iOS update.

Hardware fix applied to software issue? Science fiction becomes reality :).

WiFi grayed out (not working, image on left) vs WiFi ON (working, image on right)

wifi grayed out wifi working

Shawn Achor – Happiness in practise

May 4, 2015

I call this happiness in practise and its a technique based on various studies which?prove that application of several techniques can provide higher level of happiness and shifting mind perception into more positive state of functioning. This practise is inspired by TED talk from Shawn Achor and requires repetition of following tasks for 21 days:

Parallel realities inspired by Bentinho Massaro

As Bentinho would say, I just shifted myself into different projection of my consciousness timelessly. I did it without any effort and with thousands and millions activities or assumptions at the same time, although there is no time as such.

I am consciousness that’s listing through the pictures of parallel universes. Endless projections of all possibilities that has been already created. Anything I can think of or imagine, already exists. Every movement, every motion, every state of my mind, already exists. All I am doing is swapping the pictures in projector of what we call reality, that is projected by our consciousness.

My concept – tricking the mind:
Understanding concept of timeless reality brings the opportunity to what we call time travelling, in other words shifting to different reality. The hard part is to manifest the same exact picture we desire into our physical reflection, that we manifest and perceive. The easier way of doing it, is altering the perceived reflection and mapping it into our initial desire. That is a technique, I just came up with and I think can be very beneficial for all. One could call it tricking the mind, however it is all just a matter of view.
So an example for that could be perceiving a LOVE. Someone is missing being loved and truly desire it, wants it, needs it. Well, from the theory, there is no time and everything already exists. So one could be expecting the love in physical form, as representation of a human of?opposite gender, being present in the same picture of reality. It can just be being together, talking, holding hands, kissing, whatever. When this person is not present, the so called love can be seem as missing. In that case however, the love cab be also represented by a flower, by a voice, by a colour, by whatever we allow to create a feeling of love coming to us. Love is a feeling created unconsciously based on judgemental process of what we perceive. We believe, it’s the reflection of actions or things around us, but truly it is our inside chemical change of connections that causes it. All we do, is working out backwards the love is actually created by things around even though it is the other way around. We want to feel love, so we create / manifest things, people, colours that represents love to us. We do so, to make it easier to remember this state and reflect or recall it again whenever it’s needed. That being said, we can shift our mind to accept the love from whatever source we currently perceive. So the feeling of love does no longer have to be attached to being with other human, kissing or whatever, it can attached to anything we “see”. Hence, I call it tricking the mind technique. Have fun with it:).

Massaro’s trick – future to past:
One concept I would like to stress here from Massaro’s talk, is about shifting between realities. Because the picture of our current state of mind might seem so “far” from the picture of what we want to be, become or have, we can fasten the journey to get there by tricking our consciousness. The technique is called See it, feel it, be it. Using imagination, we can create an image of what we desire. By connection “physical” experience to this image, we can create “illusion” of experiencing what we haven’t manifested in present yet. Because our way of thinking is based on what we lack rather on what we have, it is good practise to grab this dream from far future and put it back to our past experience and create an event there. That can result into losing a need of having it in present, because you simply experienced it already or it can also get this vision closer to our BEing stage, our current manifestation.
The easy example can be using your previous experience. For example, for me to desire spinning on one hand for 5 rounds, I can close my eyes, picture it, put it in a past, consider it as it happened yesterday and also attached a feeling to it from the “real” event when I spinned only 2 rounds. By bringing “see” and “feel” together, I am convincing myself I can actually do it and hence it comes closer to reflect in “be” stage.

Massaro’s 3-days challenge:
It is not really challenge, but more of a stages that we are going through, when shifting to different reality. The bigger change it is against our insides alignment, the bigger challenges come along. First day is about dreaming and seeing our change. Defining the way we want to go, how does it differ from current stage. We feel very passionate about it, motivated and empowered. The day 2 brings challenges, questions, barriers, difficulties and basically anything that doubts?us. Is it really the way you want to go? It puts us into uncertainty. This stage can be long as one simple one off?event, or can take several months or years of a struggle or inside battle. It has only two outcomes. We either win or give up. The winning stage is keeping the hope and belief alive. The losing part is basically agreeing, that we are not in control of what we truly want or desire, or it was not what we truly wanted. With the winning part, comes day 3 aka celebration day. The day, when we enjoy our victory, we receive self assurance, strengthen our confidence, power and motivation to grow even more. This stage kicks us into new era of thinking and motivates us to reach out?next level of higher consciousness. Simply said, we grow.


Singapore – Radikal Forze Jam 2015

March 28, 2015

Alright, it’s been a week I landed in Singapore with my friends and australian dance family. Three crews (Common Ground, Team Cream, Skill@Will) were ready to represent Australia in bboying on this international comp in Singapore and pumped to get new exps, share their?unique dance, expression and passion.

Radikal Forze Jam 2015100+ registered set up a thought in my mind, there’s gonna be a few hungry dancers around. My thoughts came real. Asia, Malaysia, Europe, USA, Oceania. Crews from all around the world were ready to battle and fight for nothing else than RESPECT.?Welcoming smiles, friendly people, no cops and crime anywhere nearby. Just positive vibes, thousands of people and music waiting to be heard.

Outdoor setup with RB-BC-One stage, DJ and graffiti, ?indoor hall accommodating freshest merchandise, solid space to dance and massive stage for hosts and judges. I feel like back in europe, where those jams are not so rare thanks to closer distances and much larger dance scene.

We set off to battles, first round repping Common Ground with Monster, Akon and Spencer, against my dearest Skill@Will. Ridiculous to fly 7 hours and battle your neighbours. Duckee as a one man judge, looking only for top 5 out of 35+ crews. Hard job to judge, hard job to get through. We didn’t and will have to attack harder next year. What matters more is the fact, that the pressure from battling disappeared right after battle and it set the freedom for cyphering.

bgirl Loca (swiss) battling one dude for more than 10+ rounds inspired me so much that I set the cypher with Steve, continued with Jamit and did not stop for 2 hours :D. That was the best feeling I had recently when dancing. Total freedom, no one is judging, I am flying in toprocking, I am feeling free, I am loving it. While encouraging others, I am finding my own weaknesses. Footwork, back rocks and basically anything down. I find myself rushing there, not feeling comfortable. This is the area I can grow now the most.

Top 16 did their job well. Few battles were mad, both in a way of tricking as well as energy and passion expressed on the floor. I actually enjoy all style battle seven2smoke more than bboy battle. Sammy black entertained me so well, I gave him props later on.

Sunday turned into HANCAI. Meaning of this word is now very clear to me. Thousand of dancers going mad, getting wild and crazy, getting back to childhoods, when “no-one is watching”. Beach, pool, concrete, tiny cyphers, ball game, gladiator fights, flying, spinning, jumping, fighting, whatever you can think of, it happened.

One thing I missed though, was my crew. I want to represent next year with my fellow crew members and let them experience the fun I had this year.

Apart from the food on the plane and getting sick from air conditioning.

Radikal Forze Anniversary 2016 – I’ll see you there Felix.

note to mention bboys from Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, bboy Jax, Jamal, Loca, Brad, Steve, Erik (new gen cypher), Puzzle, Sonic, Mauritzio and many more..

Hancai Kings

Posted by Mythology Project on Monday, 23 March 2015

Breaking workouts and exercises

There are plenty of techniques, tips, tricks and stuff you can do to improve your fitness, body form and inner strength. However, none of that is actually working, when it does not relate to you. Many people uses gym, weight lifting to build up muscles, hoping the performance in dancing will increase. I am not saying it won’t, there are certainly similarities that can be applied across multiple disciplines, however it looks to me as if you were asking sprinter how to prepare for gymnastics rings.

I believe you should find your unique way of exercising, find what suits you best, listen to your body and see where it gets you. It helps to get inspired too, however I feel a need to get inspired from someone or something I have relation to, something I like, something I have passion for. To give an example, I find it much beneficial to get inspired by bboy Moy (Havikoro), than amazing guys doing outdoor fitness on bars. Yes, the guys have my respect, however muscles they use help them to do what they do and not particularly moves, that I am aiming to do. So I think, that following Moy’s exercise techniques that actually relate to my dance, are far more beneficial for me and my dance. I also like the way Moy dances and uses energy, so it is much easier to adopt and see myself getting similar results.

Here are few examples…

I reckon the jumping (2:30) is great to keep in mind changing levels.
Aztec Push-ups definitely next level.
When mastering those, I’d suggest to use your own moves for drills. Create some step and change it into drill. I might post them to this page later on.

Here a starting version for non-advanced.

check out his website, subscribe his channel etc.


Additional resources will be added to this page below…


Exercise: shoulder tears

March 27, 2015

I just came up with new way of practising handstands and handstand pull ups. When doing standard handstand with wall support or without, muscles are used only until full straight position is reached, where body frame kicks in and all weight is pushed against joints only.

Following exercise eliminates this thanks to hands positioned in front of the body and not under, while whole back is supported by wall. The lower the legs you let go, the more pressure on your shoulders is going to be created. Picture above?will demonstrate this cool way how to build up some strength and body control. Give it a go and you will soon realise, why I call it “shoulder tears”. 🙂

1000 hours of breakin in 2015

March 2, 2015

My day has 8 workings hours, 6 sleeping hours, 1 hour of transport, 1 hour eating..and another 6 hours free for whatever I want to do.

That’s a lot and I have decided to invest those hours to self development and breaking. I bought checked lino for my living room so I can practise, which I have always dreamed about, however once I bought it I realised I don’t practise actually. I was missing motivation or purpose.

Now my mind is clear and I know what I am doing.

So my deepest and truest myself:
I am making a deal with you, that I will dedicate 1000 hours into breaking and self development. That is 225 days performing 4 hours of dance activity per day, including stretching, educating or other form of self development. Each of the session is supposed to be noted with a date onto one of the white fields on my checked dance floor. I will use my best knowledge and body control to practise hard, but also responsibly to avoid any injury, body damage or anything that would stop me from finishing this challenge. Should I be travelling and not being able to commit to my promise, I will have to add missed hours onto other days to catch up no longer than 2 weeks from missed?the practise.

Here are tips to keep yourself on the track:
– get new music for practise
– warm up with slow music, toprocks and go downs
– stretch accordingly
– do hops foot control practise on black fields
– do knee practise in drop on each of the white fields – use rhythm to help finish this task – do this every practise until your dance easily after finishing this task
– practise infinite concept in your main moves
– should you be losing inspiration: FSS?2000 always helps
– create inspirational words and put them on the wall all around
– go sleep before midnight
– summarise what you did good and what needs more practise


Workshop with Poe One

Gold Coast – 1/03/2013
organised by Team Cream

Legendary Poe One sharing his knowledge, views, passion and love…again and again… :))

Key points:


My first real book: The Priest, The Surfer and The CEO

February 19, 2015

This is my first book, I have willingly read on my own. It’s 50% reflection of my life and another 50% is inspiration for my better tomorrows. It teaches you three different concepts on how to approach your life, get a better experience and grow. It helps you find your own meaning of being alive.

I highly recommend everyone to read this book, even if you have difficulties with reading like me. I used to have difficulties with dysorthography, dyslexia and dysorthographia. ?However, where is a will, there’s a way and those are past for me. This blog is major tool that helped me overcome my difficulties related to writing and reading.

Meeting bboy Kareem

February 18, 2015

Here I am now, in Australia, having dance workshop with american bboy Kareem, whom I was watching on VHS recordings from French competition called Total Session 4, while practising my silly moves in living room in Czech Republic 13 years ago. ?Almost looks like I am bringing these people into my life, slowly but surely, hey.

Main points:

Video footage:

Rock Force Crew vs Vagabonds.?One of the most influential battle I have ever seen in my life.?So much energy, passion and emotions put on the dance floor. So inspiring.

Go with a flow to Byron Bay

February 10, 2015

I decided to take a bit of holiday and explore more of my surrounding. Lots of my friends told me how beautiful Byron Bay is and such a good vibes this area has. Well, I’ve been there once for short visit, ticking off my list Lighthouse’s visit and the most easterly point of Australia in 2012. This was on my road trip through East Coast of Australia and I did not really had that super awesome feeling, that people are constantly referring to. So I decided to go there again, plan as little as possible and go with a flow.

I was amazed.

Firstly, I visited Nimbin, where I really enjoyed those little hippie shops and art crafts. There was a portable library, made of huge truck and I also learned a bit of solar panel systems – supporting alternative source of energy. I went to visit nearby waterfalls, which were looking great from top, but what I’ve seen from underneath was just magnificent. In the middle of jungle, feeling like in Amazonian tropical forest, which you see only in movies, I climbed few rocks to get to the waterfalls. All of a sudden, the view that just opened in front of me, mad me speechless. Massive white streams of water falling of the cliff from more than 100 metres, dropping into little lake, surrounded with massive stones, coloured rocks and green plants and palms all around. All I could say was: ,,Wow”. It was breath taking experience.

PICTURE of waterfalls

My journey continued to Byron Bay, paradise for surfers, dolphins, sharks ?and travellers that want to get into nice vibes, good food and adventure. As much as this area was full of tourists, mainly young European backpackers, I still had a feeling that I am at?really chilled place, where the time goes slower. Beautiful beach with waves spreading all along the cost, hundreds of surfers, bars and restaurants. I took my surf board and went to have some fun. Just amazing.

Few walks around, beautiful food at Orgasmic Falafel and there is a hippie van with three DJs on top. People around lighten up with three different colour, creation funny motions, you could not really identify. It was silent party. Music transmitted via WiFi on three channels, allowing you to chose your preferred genre and jump on the beach, park or anywhere near as much as you feel. ID as bond, voluntary fee at return, stars above and chilled ocean, what more you need. Unforgeable unique experience.

On the way back another surprise was waiting at Tweed Heads, where I could jump into natural rock pools, facing the open ocean and strong big waves. No wonder, one couple decided to celebrate marriage right behind us on a little enclosed beach.

Few more kms on the coast and I am?in Gold Coast, party city and area. Surfers paradise was ready for me with Sunday markets on Esplanade. People cruising up and down, stopping at every stall. Warm weather, red sky above the ocean, another unexpected moment to enjoy.

Cherry on top came with the dinner choice, Thai Silom, thai restaurant one street off the main busy area. Beautiful green veg curry with coconut rise made the whole 4 day trip just perfect and left me with memories and feelings, how beautiful the life is, when you let yourself go with a flow.

Plan as little as you can, but stay safe at all time.

Password security

February 4, 2015

I am currently working on revision of my password management. Recently, I’ve been a victim of a scam e-mail from pretending to be from Gumtree and my password was exposed. Rookie mistake in a rush. I immediately took actions, however I realised, I don’t have a clear idea, where else have I used that password and hence those services is under potential threat.

I came up with few ideas, where one of them is to have a spreadsheet containing all services that I am using and require password for. Instead of having passwords listed there, I’ll store only security level of password, telling me which password?should I use. Actual form of password is stored only in my mind. I would have level 1 for banks, level 2?for bills, shopping and other services, and level 3 for non-important sites like forums etcetera.

Credit card maintenance section required – list of services holding credit card details and which.

I will update this post with preview, if anyone would like to do the same…

UPDATE pending…

I entered a train, that has no driver.

Welcome to freeland

February 3, 2015

Welcome to?my world. You’ve just landed into freeland, where any thought is free, any mind is open and anything is possible. Agree, disagree or let it go, inspire or get inspired, love and let yourself be loved. Live.

Rethink about life, change

October 20, 2012


“Disgusted by the world we live in, disgusted by people’s behaviour all around the world,
I am questioning myself, how long will we survive, how long before I’ll write my last line.

Before that happens, I am asking more, both myself and all of you, how can we change this little time for better,
how to get rid of prejudice, hate and fear, all that bother us turn into dust.

How to find peace, love, happiness and serenity, the true meaning of all things around us,
how to bypass the unwritten rule of a system, that controls our time.

It’s not easy to find the answer, since simple there’s many ways,
but start with yourself first seems to be the way, after all the wise is the one, who always asks.”



This little piece was written after eight months me living in Australia, when my mind went through different stages of self realisation and development. It is the reaction to conflict between two cultural experiences (Czech and Australian) I was facing at that time. I came to realisation, that all we have around us is created us and only us. We have a choice what we wish to see and if we want to see the change, we have start with our own. Change brings actions and actions bring opportunities.